About Us

Curious about the people on the other side of the camera? Don’t blame ‘ya! Here are a few random musings about us.

chrisandheather About Us


- Has a distinctive full-bodied laugh that must be heard to be appreciated.

- Finally agrees that sushi is delicious – when limited to tempura and chicken teriyaki rolls.

- Will do what it takes to get the shot – including demonstrating bride’s positioning with an awkward amount of ease. icon wink About Us

- Would love to have been a “Mad Man” or architect in another life.

-  Misses the 1976 VW bus that we hauled around Australia for 6 months, and dreams of buying a split windshield and restoring it for trips around BC.


- Would prefer to live somewhere warmer, as she dislikes wearing socks even in the winter.

- Is known to shed a tear or two during a wedding – but conveniently has a large black camera to hide them.

- Has an English Literature degree and loves to read. Chapters is a dangerous place for our bank account!

- Publicly thinks the idea of buying yet another old VW is ridiculous, but secretly also wants a split window bus – with a Cali-top! (Really, Chris!?!)

The Two of Us:

heatherandchris1 About Us

- We were born in the same hospital 2 months apart, met in High School, and have been together ever since.

- Are head over heals in love with our four littles, Bowen, Quinn, Hadley, and Carter. Can’t wait to get their little fingers editing images for us ASAP! icon wink About Us

- Love what we do, and are thankful to our wonderful clients who put their trust in us everyday.

- A special thank you to our friends at Alea Moore Photography for this rare photo of us together. icon smile About Us